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about us

Kanika Marshall
esther cheng
Esther Cheng
brenda bordwell
Brenda Bordwell

Mission Statement

Elk Grove Artists is an organization of local artists and art supporters dedicated to the study and production of fine art. EGA’s efforts continue to raise awareness and showcase the arts and creative industries existing in our community. Through supporting art exhibits the surrounding not only the visual arts but include all genres of art through community involvement. These goals are accomplished by:


Our primary goal is to offer programs and training opportunities that enhance the study and production of fine art. Every effort is made to sponsor and/or participate in art events that raise awareness of the all artists’ genres including visual arts through the arts and business community involvement.


The Elk Grove Artists, Inc. Board of Directors sets the tempo for the year by determining speakers for our meetings, preparing for our art shows and various high school art competition, as well as ensuring that the organization remains viable for promoting arts in the future. Board members serve for two years in their respective capacity.

Margaret Munson
Board Advisor/Communications
Judy Cantorna-Tafoya
Board Secretary
Deb Brown (Acting)
Treasurer Director
Deb Brown
Bev Bennett
Membership Committee Director
Esther Cheng
Board Program Director/Speaker Engagements
Cheryl Stanley
Art to Hang Program Director
Raquel Lushennko
Publicity Director
Cynthia Spolidoro/Judy Cantorna-Tafoya
Facebook Director/Administrator
Margaret Munson/Cynthia Spolidoro
Regulatory Compliance Director
Judy Knott
Grant Development Director
Margaret Munson (Acting)
Art of Excellence Co-Chairs
Margaret Munson/Darrell O’Sullivan/Deb Brown
Shows/Competitions Coordinator
SharAnn Chesshire
Auditor/Financials Director
George Deese

President’s Message

Fellow Artists and Art Enthusiasts,

I am honored to be the President of The Elk Grove Artists, Inc. (EGA). I would like to thank the past presidents and each past EGA Director and Officer, and the members who helped to make The Elk Grove Artists, Inc. the best artists’ association, ever! I would also like to acknowledge each president for the outstanding dedication, fortitude, leadership, foresight and creativity. I look forward to working with our new Board of Directors and officers, and the new and old members who comprise The Elk Grove Artists, Inc.

My main goal in the coming year is to elevate the visibility of EGA’s artistic expertise and award-winning artists, in the community. With that in mind, the work of EGA’s Directors, Officers and Committee Chairs is already under way. We recognize that the arts are fundamental to our lives and endeavors fostering creativity, goodness, and beauty. Artists value the ability to express their creative skills in their work and we want to encourage them and assist them to show their work where others can view it. Periodic updates and developments will be announced as they unfold regarding the following pursuits:

EGA’s monthly meetings, Art-2-Hang program, and special events and activities throughout the year are the mainstays of EGA’s programming. Their development and manner in which they will be implemented and publicized in the community will significantly affect the outcomes of EGA’s ongoing performance, and greatly affect the outcomes of its main goal and objectives each year:

We thank each of our EGA members for their past and ongoing support. If it so happens you are not an EGA member, we invite you to visit us at one of monthly our meetings for free. We have outstanding artist presenters at each meeting, and refreshments are served. Come see for yourself! There is a nominal annual membership fee to join. Full membership details can be found under Membership on our website. I look forward to a very positive year and hope you will join us as we progress in our mission to raise awareness of the visual arts in the Elk Grove community.

Young at Art,

Margaret A. Munson, President
The Elk Grove Artists, Inc.
Co-Founder, TAAP