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watering can flowers
Judy Knott
Darrell O'Sullivan
Past President
Margaret Munson
Member Communications
SharAnn Chesshire
Board Secretary
Raquel Lujano
Treasurer Director
Joy Kuo
Membership Committee Director
Ester Cheng
Board Program Director / Speaker Engagements
Exhibit and Show Design Director
Manual Lujano
Art-2-Hang Program Director
Carolyn Johnson / Brenda Bordwell
Publicity Director
Facebook Director
Margaret Munson
Art of Excellence Co-Chairs
Darrell O'Sullivan / Margaret Munson
Multicultural Cultural Co-Chairs
Margaret Munson / Raquel Lujano
Auditor / Financials Director
George Deese
Regulatory and Compliance Directors
Gearge Deese / Margaret Munson
Grant Development Director (Acting)
Margaret Munson